she's here

I've been a delinquent blogger of late, but I promise I have a good excuse.

It's my baby...she's here.

Ida Catherine was born on Feb. 24, 2014 at 3:32 in the morning. I'll share the birth story soon because it's a great one with plenty of action and adventure, including a stomach bug fake-out, a slow and painful walk through Times Square, and even a Michael Emerson sighting!

But for now, I just want to say that there are few things in my life that make me happier than when people say Ida looks like me. I overflow with pride and my voice gets all shaky, my eyes teary. So allow me the indulgence of showing you our baby photos side by side -- the vintagey-looking one is me. My sweet girl is on the right.

I think we look almost identical, but maybe that's just me being all emotional again.


sneak peek!

This could not be more exciting. I have a sneak peek of the baby's room and a little something we put up this weekend (correction: I put up about 20 percent of it and then was feeling a little under the weather so Dan did the rest!):

Full reveal to come soon!


i don't think you're ready for this belly...

Just a couple pregnant selfies from this weekend... this is me at 38 weeks. Almost there, phew!

I hope you don't mind this indulgence. I may never look like this again!


weekend in brooklyn no. 5

Did anyone expect it to snow yesterday? It certainly was a surprise to us (seriously, will it ever stop?). But we refused to remain cooped up indoors! In fact, we had a pretty jam-packed weekend. But you don't have to take my word for it...

We caught a Brooklyn Nets game on Friday night and our seats were awesome!

We took an infant CPR class that was super intense; so after, to unwind, we had an amazing dinner at this adorable little place on Union called Rosewater. I had polenta and goat cheese with mushrooms and beet puree, and Dan had short ribs. We shared pear cobbler for dessert with rosemary ice cream...I'm still thinking about it.

We watched Captain Phillips and even though I tend to be sleepy most nights and don't typically make it all the way through movies, I was absolutely riveted from start to finish. See this film!

Dan put together the Pack and Play -- can you spot the curious little helper who likes to photo bomb my pictures?

What did you do this weekend?


my biggest fear

One of my biggest fears during this pregnancy has been watching childbirth videos. I don't know why, but makes me feel like this...

I try to come to terms with this oddity over on WhatToExpect.com.


you are beautiful...

Pregnancy has its good days and bad days, and I owe a lot of my good days to Seraphine Maternity (the maternity clothing line often seen on Kate Middleton, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry and a host of other celebrity mamas). The clothes are so beautiful -- no matter what kind of day I'm having, they never fail to make me feel fantastic.
Not only was I lucky enough to receive some gorgeous pieces from Seraphine (seen above*), but I also got the chance to meet Seraphine founder and designer Cecile Reinaud who is lovely and amazing and super talented. The whole experience inspired a post I wrote called, "You Are Beautiful During Pregnancy," which is up right now on the Seraphine blog.

Oh, won't you take a look?

*Photos by Kendra Callari


weekend in brooklyn no. 4

We had lots of adult, responsible things keeping us busy this weekend -- sign lease (! more on that in a future post); work out our budget; errands, etc. But we still managed to squeeze in a bit of fun...

I went somewhere I've been dying to go ever since I came to New York. I'll give you a hint... can you guess where I was?

It's Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! This is the "Bea Arthur" -- vanilla soft serve, swirls of dulce de leche, all rolled in crushed Vanilla Wafers. In the background is the "Gobbler" -- vanilla with apple butter and bourbon butterscotch with pie pieces. I can't believe it took me so long to get to here. Best. Ice Cream. Ever. No lies.

I finished the book, The Book Thief, last week -- just in time to see the movie this weekend. Of course, the book was better (the book is always better), and you must read it if you haven't. But I don't care what Rotten Tomatoes says, the movie was really beautiful, too.

We also went to training class with Miss Pancake here.

She's having some lead issues, but she's doing good on her commands. I'm hopeful she'll soon be as consistently sweet as her name suggests!